Forensic Accounting

Forensic Accountancy

For all your Forensic Accounting needs, we have the experience and expertise you can trust.

Commercial & Civil Litigation Support
Family Law Disputes
Quantification of Economic Loss
Fraud & Asset Tracing Investigations
Expert Evidence
Solvency Reports

Commercial & Civil Litigation Support

Commercial disputes and litigation are rarely ever simple, often involving complex issues and sensitive matters. We apply technical knowledge, commerciality and practical experience as efficiently as possible, in order to assist our clients during trying times, whilst maintaining cost-effectiveness.

Our approachable, responsive and cost-effective approach ensures that you and your client are able to focus on the legal aspects of the claim whilst we assist with the numbers.

Our forensic accountants are experienced in presenting in Court as expert witnesses, as well as during mediation and tribunal settlements in relation to a number of different commercial and civil matters.

Our Industries

Romanis Cant have acted as accountants and Tax Agents for SME business across a range of industries including:


Property Development


Retail Trade




Professional Services

Forensic Accountancy

We have the experience and expertise you can trust

At Romanis Cant, our highly qualified and accomplished team is ready to help you with your forensic accounting needs. Backed by decades of experience, we provide thorough assessments and shrewd financial analyses that can endure even the most meticulous of legal evaluations and judicial scrutiny. Our team works closely with legal, corporate and insurance clients to settle disputes, valuations and investigations across a wide range of industries.

Our Forensic Accounting Team

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