Business Restructuring

Business Restructuring

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Restructuring and turnaround
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Restructuring and turnaround

Romanis Cant are insolvency practitioners who can assist directors with formal and informal restructures to help preserve and grow their business into the future.

Our cost effective and efficient approach has assisted directors in restructuring their business in order to preserve and grow into the future.

At Romanis Cant, we utilise formal mechanisms such as a Deed of Company Arrangement to allow a temporary pause on the accumulation of debt while we work with management and directors to identify key issues that need to be addressed. We then determine the next course of action and assist directors with implementing strategic decisions whilst helping to formulate a proposal to creditors to allow for the continuation of the business.

Romanis Cant has also utilised Schemes of Arrangement to assist companies and directors with more complicated structures and debt levels as a tool to restructure and preserve a business.

Directors can take comfort in the fact that Romanis Cant has been working with companies to restructure their business in different industries for over 35 years.

Our Industries

Romanis Cant have acted as Administrators, Liquidators, Controllers and Receivers over companies that have operated in a range of industries such as


Property Development


Retail Trade




Professional Services

Business Restructuring

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Financial underperformance and distress do not have to mean the end of your business. The experts at Romanis Cant have more than 30 years of experience in handling both corporate and personal insolvency matters, including working with creditors on voluntary administration proceedings and court-appointed liquidations and receiverships. When it comes to business restructuring, we take the time to understand what has happened within the company, how it happened, and the best solutions for your business. If restructuring is the best choice, we help SMEs to prepare restructuring plans and statements, as well as support with any and all requirements and obligations.

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