Business Valuations

Business Valuations

We make the complicated simple. Get the best business valuation for your company's needs.

Shareholder Disputes
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Shareholder Disputes

Romanis Cant has conducted a number of valuations for clients in the middle of a shareholder dispute, whether it be formally via the Courts or informally via negotiation with other shareholders.

We understand the stress and cost of shareholder disputes and take a cost-effective and pragmatic approach to assisting with helping the parties understand the value of the shares in a timely manner.

Our Industries

Romanis Cant have acted as accountants and Tax Agents for SME business across a range of industries including:


Property Development


Retail Trade




Professional Services

Business Valuations

A tailored approach to find the right kind of valuation

Business valuations can help you achieve your business goals, clarify your company position in times of need, and prepare a company for sale.

Romanis Cant has over 30 years of experience providing business valuations across a wide range of industries. We apply proven methodologies and get to know your business on a granular level, and provide reports that are transparent, comprehensive and easy to understand. Whether you’re looking to understand the going concern and value of a company, or need asset based valuation, our tailored approach ensures we can find the right kind of valuation for your business needs.

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